One of the leading distributors when it comes to casino games and marketing tools, 3 Oaks Gaming, is expanding to Ukraine via a partnership with an established online operator PIN-UP

PIN-UP’s users will get the chance to enjoy the whole 3 Oaks portfolio, which consists of many interesting games such as Sticky Piggy, Rio Gems: Hold and Win, and Eggs of Gold.

The company has secured significant partnerships with reliable companies in the last few months. It strengthened the company’s reputation – and 3 Oaks’ unique slots and promotional tools are well-known for delivering significant engagement and revenues

Sebastian Damian, Managing Director of 3 Oaks Gaming, said: “This integration with PIN-UP is a fantastic start to 2023 as we look to grow even further across multiple markets worldwide.

“Here at 3 Oaks, there is no doubt that we are becoming more recognized in the industry for the quality of our offering, and this latest deal only strengthens our reputation.”

Igor Zotko, COO at PIN-UP, said: “For us to succeed as an operator, we need to offer the best slots to our players, and with 3 Oaks, we have exactly the partnership to meet our bold ambitions. This will definitely be a hugely beneficial deal for both parties, and we look forward to fantastic success with 3 Oaks Gaming.”

3 Oaks is a young company, but established itself as a reliable and trustworthy one in just a few years. It was founded in 2021, and since then, it certainly has achieved unbelievable success.

PIN-UP is a famous iGaming company that became a leader in the Ukrainian gaming market. The company’s mission is to develop the company and remain an industry leader – and this partnership will surely enable it to do just that. The company focuses on a win-win partnership, enabling its partners to grow and expand to the new jurisdiction. Employees are very talented and experienced, allowing them to choose the best possible solution for the company and its employees. Every idea has been thoroughly researched and picked among a million others – which is why the selected ideas are the best possible ones. The company’s important feature is the fact that they are able to adapt quickly and be flexible, which allows them to meet both market demands and the customers’ needs. They are known for setting trends and not following them – and the audience seems to adore that absolutely!

3 Oaks Gaming is an absolute fit for the Ukrainian market. During these challenging times, a bit of entertainment is what everyone needs – and unique and thrilling games from its studio are definitely the right choice

3 Oaks Gaming Expands to Ukraine via the Partnership with PIN-UP

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